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    There is a tide in the affairs of man which flows out like a fountain of waters in the core of the universe. Where black and white are distinct hue, gas and water are non-solution, summer and winter comes in different season. And where the battle between good and evil are lives greatest challenge. Are we now banking on such a bandwagon?

    In our lives journey, there are like trillions of pairs of shoes in the world. But, all you need is one pair of shoes to keep you going in the right path of life. Apparently, the pairs of shoes that we have had gotten leads on to troubled destination. Human nature would tell us that, we are just human beings succumb to make mistakes. On the contrary, the other side of the coin, put us on guard. That we are all fruits of the fallen nature. That we are all born with the stigma of sinfulness. There are some who keeps on falling, while others, either fall short or by choice desire to be fallen. And more often than not, we give in and we become slaves of our own selfish versions of ourselves. But, GOD never left us empty handed and unshielded. Indeed, HE has provided us with the most safest and powerful armor to put on to be able to achieve righteous equilibrium at its prime.

    Thus far, this past few weeks, I have been hanging around and I imagined myself wearing Marian Rivera's shoes. Then, I saw her standing in the middle of the fallen nature. And I realized that, she is not barely simply a "product" or a fruit - like I am, but, she has been and almost always a victim of those shallow pathetic figs who chose to stick on the nerve angles of fallen nature.

    As the scenario unfolds, I was wondering how would Marian put on her GOD-given armor to protect her integrity. Certainly, she have proved me right, inasmuch as, GOD is of unlimited power and is a loving father. With all humility and respect, she has embraced the burdensome issues dressed up in a wardrobe of serenity of mind, kindness, trustworthiness, long suffering, honesty, and forgiving heart.Truly ecstatic, that she is, GOD's-given armor suits her worthily. That in all things GOD may be pleased.

    Aye, the lame innuendo has finally laid to rest but the creepy culprits are just around in camouflage, - for how long? That I do not know. What I do know is that, - Marian's card game is in her hands to outwit and to outplay fallen nature.

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