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    by Pearl Jalao on Monday, September 27, 2010 at 4:06pm

    It is possible to behold darkness in broad daylight? Like the Autumnal Equinox which marks the official end of summer. It is the point in time when the globe stands straight-up on its axis. The day when the whole world gets roughly the same amount of sunlight and darkness. Last time I checked, nobody likes having problems or silly bad days. Does darkness now, defy only nocturnal?

    Of course not! Because, we all have our fair share of spices in our lives. My mom once told me, " when you are having a bad day, think that, someone else out there is having the worst day". So, just roll with it. This scapegoat maybe applicable to ordinary folk, like you and me. But, how about to someone who is extremely famous, like Marian Rivera? Most likely, she is the hottest and the brightest star of her generation. So far, is there someone else? Who is as phenomenal as her, with equitable sincerity and versatility. No wonder people who cannot see the light in their deep dark room created their own deception at the expense of another.

    Just recently, a cloudy dim weather dropped by Marian's capeside. This was maybe one of the toughest skirmish she had ever overcame. And what is so inspiring about this whole ordeal was the overwhelming love and support of the fans all over the world. Be it they belong to any of the following fan clubs, to wit: Solid Marian, MarianKnights, MariMarians, DingdongMarian International/SolidMarian International, Dongyan Exclusive, DYnatics. Org., DYnamics, DYfanatics, Dongyan Forever, DongYannatics, Solid Dongyan, or none of the above. They all joined forces in prayers and in deeds beyond borders to protect Her interest. The one I knew even made a long distance overseas call to GMA7. In return, I gave her ( Ma'am Lina of Canada) my sincerest gratitude from the deepest chamber of my heart. And I was so touched when she replied to me, " I just did my job", priceless indeed. On top of these and probably, the best thing that had happened during such dilemma was the birth of a new fan club. Whose members happens to meet in the internet, bridging thousands of miles across the planet earth during a stormy weather. Thank you to the modern technology then, and to Ate Byutipul as well. Henceforth, the neophyte was dubbed as the DongYanOnliners' Tribe International,- Marian's used to be keen silent supporters. And I am proud to be a true-blooded member of this tribe. Thence, in friendship quality beats quantity.

    Unfortunately, fallen nature reminded us of our buoyancy in the darkness. That the dark invaders are non-chalance to come out incognito to create havoc, rooted by their insecurities and greediness. A Testament, that we cannot please everyone. So, to all anti, haters, obsessed, jerk, shrewd, rude, and judgmental detractors keep on coming and please try a little harder. After all, its a free country.

    Earnestly, we come in peace! But the moment, you messed up with Marian Rivera it is as if, you let out millions of intelligent and soulful lions and tigers astray away from their haven fit to devour your dark souls. Ergo, sayeth naught is not our game. Except that, we are not going down to your level. But instead, we would take the high road legitimately.

    Verily because, the All Seeing Eye does not play poker with our lives fortunes. For HE is a Just GOD. Much more HE would not let the dark experiences happened to us, without letting us comprehend the beauty of its purpose. Praise the LORD, my soul! Towards this end, I can sense the echo of Marian's voice humming at me, saying: " LORD GOD, if it is not because of YOU, - there is no Marian Rivera standing in front of them". Thank YOU so much!

    Ever look not on the darkness of its resemblance, but, on the beauty of its reflection. Are we now, appreciating the beauty of the darkness?... OPEN YOUR EYES!

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