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    Suggested title: "SAMARITANA",...seems appropriate to the concept. Why SAMARITANA? Literally, the description of Samaritan is a person from the country of Samaria. The Jews ****d them because they had married non-Jews. They also worshiped God differently from the Jews. But, Jesus showed his love to them by going to them and teaching them about the Kingdom of God. On the other hand, remember and take note also the story of the " Good Samaritan" in the Holy Scriptures. > Since, according to the writer, the epicserye is about a female lead heroine, admired for her love and being ideal, and for her qualities and deeds. And it has originated from Visayas. So I figured, since Samar is somewhere in Visayas -so, why not consider the name of that place. Plus, the virtues of the good Samaritan. Hence, I capsulized them and came up with the epic title, " SAMARITANA ". A combination of the Samarian folk/s ( Samar inhabitants) and the heroic deeds of a good Samaritan. or > If it is referring only to Marian's character and her person, it is: Samaria or Samariana (female Samarian) + the virtues of a good Samaritan = SAMARITANA.

    The suggested name for Marian's character are as follows:

    a.) AMARI or Amarie - for it has a Visayan connotation which is directly dissected from the title itself. b.) ITANA - the suffix of Samar./ Samaritana. c.) ARITA - a common name directly sliced from the title itself. d.) SAMARITA - very obvious and very Samarian, Visayan origin. ---------OR--------- e.) Simply MARIAN - other name for MARY. And it is distinctly extracted from the tribe name of the Samar folk/s, the SaMARIANs......- JOKE! Let's keep this name to the queen of all queens, JOSE's Queen!.....hahahah!

    Candidly speaking, I did not make any research for the literal meaning of the preceding names due to the limited time I've got. I've just gave my own interpretations and constructions of the optioned names instead...So, please do not incite the idea of placing me behind bars!..heheheh! Anyway, you are free to look up for its meaning. Personally, I go for, either - ITANA or sounds strong but fragile..And appears, innocently captivating - yet, precociously witty.

    * Hope the foregoing ideas might be of help to the writer...Good luck! Muchias Gracias!!!

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